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Producers: John Schindler & Bob Blasdall
Director: David Napier
D.O.P.: Tony O'Loughlan
Editor: Bob Blasdall

It is early in the morning on the 1st of July 1942 and the high speed POW “hell ship” MONTEVIDEO MARU is chased into the South China Sea by American submarine USS STURGEON. The submarine crew has no way of knowing that this ship is in fact a floating prison with over 1,000 Australian POW’s and civilian internees locked in the holds.

THE TRAGEDY OF THE MONTEVIDEO MARU recounts the harrowing story of the sacrifice and suffering endured by these men and boys during the Pacific War. There are accurate reenactments of the sinking and other shocking events. Witnesses recount the horrific events publicly for the first time. These include the only Japanese crew member alive today who survived the ordeal and a USS Sturgeon crew member who witnessed through the periscope the sinking of the MONTEVIDEO MARU.

This outstanding 2 hour documentary is presented and narrated by Australian actor John Jarratt and produced by award winning documentary Producers Bob Blasdall and John Schindler.

THE TRAGEDY OF THE MONTEVIDEO MARU also explores the broader story of torturous POW experiences and features first hand accounts from both Australian and British survivors of 2 other hell ship sinkings, the Rakuyo Maru and the Kachidoki Maru.

There is breathtaking original film of the rescue of survivors by USS PAMPANITO and other American submarines. Interviews with American submarine veterans provide first hand actual accounts of these amazing events in World War 2.